MRI Scanner

Brochure of UWWBIC Facilities

We have a Siemens 3 tesla Magnetom Prisma scanner housed in an MRI Suite comprising scanner room, control room, technical room and equipment storage room. The scanner is equipped with various coils and software for brain and body imaging as described in the following document.

UWWBIC Prisma Specification

A photo of a participant entering the MRI Scanner

MRI Simulator

Also known as a “mock-scanner”, and housed in its own large mock-scanner room, the MRI Simulator is used for acclimatising children and vulnerable adults to the MR environment. MRI Simulators have been shown to reduce participant dropout rate, reduce anxiety, and ultimately increase data quality. They can also be used to prototype experimental set-ups. Our simulator has: a realisticRealistic scanner body; a mock Siemens head coil, activeActive ventilation and diffuse; adjustable illumination; integratedIntegrated high-end audio system for producing MRI-like and other soundsambient sound; realistic acceleration-/deceleration of the patient table; an integratedIntegrated control panel for all MRI simulator functions.

Mock scannerMock scanner from and angle

Testing rooms

The centre has three testing rooms: two behavioural testing rooms, each equipped with a desk, desktop computer and internet connection and one clinical testing room, equipped with desk, desktop computer, internet connection, fridge, centrifuge and patient bed.

Testing roomTesting roomTesting room

Waiting room

Waiting Room and Kitchen

The Waiting room and Kitchen look out onto the quadrangle of the Lawrence Stenhouse Building (LSB) offering a quiet and peaceful view of the pond and surrounding nature. We have a wheelchair accessible toilet.

waiting room with armchairsUWWBIC Kitchen areaWaiting room and toilet

Lab Layout

There is also an office for an MRI Physicist, and 3 subject testing rooms for preparation and debrief before and after experiments. We provide an accessible, comfortable participant experience through inclusion of a waiting area with a pleasant view, lockers for participants’ clothing, a mini-kitchen and a wheelchair accessible toilet.

Colour coded map of UWWBIC lab layout

How can you use UWWBIC?

The MRI scanner, mock-scanner and testing rooms can be booked via Calpendo, our online booking system. UWWBIC facilities can be used by any scientist from UEA or partner institution, subject to approval by the UWWBIC management committee. To use the MRI scanner, you’ll need to present your science at a UWWBIC project meeting. If you’d like to use our facilities please contact Will Penny or Jon Brooks or email Nikki Morris the​ UWWBIC Administrator.

Adjacent Labs

Adjoining labs include the Developmental Dynamics labs housing Functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (fNIRS) and other technologies designed to tap brain and behaviour in early development. UBIC is sited close to existing EEG, Virtual Reality, Sleep, Movement and Exercise Laboratory (MoveExLab) and the Norwich Medical School.

Bird's eye photo of Brain Imaging centre and surrounding labs

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