Starting Research

All projects must be presented at the UWWBIC Project Meeting.

More information on the pathways to approval can be found here:

Pathways to Approval - overview

Pathways to approval for UEA Chief Investigators

Pathways to approval for all other Chief Investigators

All scanning at UWWBIC takes place within the ethical review framework, safety protocols and open science practices as described in the Standard Operating Procedures. These have been adapted from similar procedures at the MRC CBU in Cambridge. Access to scanner facilities is governed by the UWWBIC management management committee according to the principles laid out in the Access Charge Policy.

You will need to make an Ethics Application for your study to the School of Psychology Research Ethics Committee (PSY-REC). At the discretion of the PSY-REC Ethics chair, reviewers from the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences Research Ethics Committee (FMH-REC) may then review your proposal. They may decide that you need to apply for "NHS Ethics" from the Health Regulation Authority (HRA). NHS Ethics will be required if, for example, you are recruiting participants via an NHS database.

Project Specification Form

Risk Assessment Form

​If you have any queries please email Will Penny (, Jon Brooks ( or, for ethics, PSY-REC chair Tom Sambrook (